Health and Safety

Child Care Inspections

Child care facilities and camps are inspected annually. Facilities must be approved by this department and pay an annual inspection fee.

Body Art Facility Licensing

Body art/tattoo facilities are approved and inspected annually by this department. A plan review is required to be submitted and approved by this department. Annual inspection fee is $126.00.

Ambulance Inspections

This department conducts ambulance inspections upon request with a fee for service.

Marijuana Facility Inspections

Marijuana facilities are inspected annually by this department. All facilities are required to submit a plan review and the appropriate fee. Also, information is needed for cultivation and infused products. Inspection fees are also collected annually.


Rules and Regulations Governing the Health and Sanitation of Child Care Facilities in the State of Colorado
Guidance Documents for Child Care Facilities
Body Art Rules and Regulations
Bed Bug Fact Sheet